The Rules

If you ignore the rules multiple times you will be kicked. If you act stupid enough you will be kicked immediately.

  1. 1. Please adhere to the topic each room exists for. Read the pinned post at the top of the channel. If you want to shoot the shit or general asshattery do it in #off-topic. It detracts from active conversations and floods chats with noise. Less noise, more signal. We’re here for the guns. Everything else can fuck off.
  2. 2. If you post severely racist content or are discriminatory against others in any way that isn’t based on rationality / isn’t civil discourse, you’ll be kicked. Were here for the guns. Everything else can fuck off.
  3. 3. When an admin asks you to stop being stupid (spamming, asking endless questions that you should be smart enough to figure out yourself, etc) please do cease your annoying activity. Were not in kindergarten and there are dumb questions. Namely the ones that are being answered here.
  4. 4. Doxxing will not be tolerated. Were here for the guns. Everything else can fuck off.
  5. 5. We reserve the right to kick you at any moment. You are guests, not tenants. If you think this violates some First Amendment right, you don’t understand the First Amendment.
  6. 6. Keep in mind that this is a public team that anyone can join. Encryption!=Security. Everything you say is likely being recorded in a dozen different places.
  7. 7. Don’t be a fed. Asking others to incriminate themselves will not be tolerated.
  8. 8. Do not @ channel or here or any group level calls. We will yeet you back into your mother.
  9. 9. Our platform is not your recruiting ground for whatever other group or cause you are a part of.
  10. 10. Rules may be added or amended as needed.


Q: Where can I download __ ? These repositories only contain tested and verified CAD models with instructions that, if followed, can be operated safely. There are other repos will other files and you will come across them in time.
Q: What 3D-Printer should I buy, can you help me figure out 3D-printing?
Buy the Creality Ender 3 and read this
Q: Why should I buy a Creality Ender 3 and not ( Insert any 3D-Printer here ).
There are many reasons. The most important are that we will ensure compatibility of our releases with the Ender 3 and the price to value ratio is unbeatable with the Ender 3. If you want to invest more money for better quality, we recommend the Prusa I3 or Ender 5.
Q: What project should I begin with?
First make sure you have mastered the basis of 3D-printing, so go ahead and print innocent stuff from Then you can try printing a Glock frame or Glock magazines, either of which will be useful for you. (Or anything else you can find parts for) Once you have done all that, print whatever you want.
Q: I do not have access to ammo in my country, so what’s the point?
Follow the instructions:
Q: Why should I bother with ECM-rifling and why shouldn’t we bother with button rifling?
ECM-rifling is cheap, simple, versatile and can be done in your bedroom. It just has more advantages than disadvantages over button rifling.
Q: Is it possible to make a Glock upper ( Barrel and Slide ) from scratch in a practical DIY manner?
No, not at the moment.
Q: I want to show gratitude for the hard work done by the various developers of Deterrence Dispensed and donate. Could you give me information regarding this?
A: Click on the particular Keybase profile page of the developer you want to donate to. You will most often find a Bitcoin adress or a link to an external donation page. You can also donate via credit card and Bitcoin to them via their Defcad profiles: here or use the donation portal here.