Account Migration and Introducing GitLab CE for Deterrence Dispensed

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There’s been a lot of developments logistics-wise behind the scenes with Deterrence Dispensed. I’m excited to share with you a new service we’ve deployed for our community, called GitLab.

You may have heard of GitLab (or its cousin GitHub). While GitLab and GitHub are also publicly accessible services that host git-repositories, GitLab offers a “Community Edition” that organizations can deploy for their own user base, which is what we’ve opted to do.

Having our own instance of GitLab now lets us do a lot of great things, such as change management, issue tracking, and file updates. While we will still keep LBRY/Odyssey as our resilient/primary publishing venue, our GitLab will be the preferred platform for developers to conduct betas, and track updates among our users.

The deployment of GitLab for us also brought along some neat back-end enhancements for us too:

  • Single-Sign-On: Now, you can use your GitLab account as your passport to sign into both GitLab and RocketChat (as well as future DD services).
  • Email Verification: We now have our mail-service working, allowing us to send password resets and email verification.

So, “what’s this about account migration”?

We will be requiring all active users to verify their account on our RocketChat, then create an account on our GitLab to sign into all our services with. Effective May 1st 2021, we will disable RocketChat username/password sign in, and move exclusively to GitLab for signing on. You can refer to the steps below to connect your RocketChat and GitLab accounts:




tl;dr: Verify your RocketChat account, then link it to GitLab before May 1st, 2021 or you’ll be locked out of DD.

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